Best Hydraulic Jack Plates for Sale – Top Reviewed Products of 2020

I am sure you must be looking for a jack plate to help you with boating. All those who go fishing and boating quite frequently know how beneficial a jack plate is. While people who are into sailing know this well, but others might not know the importance and benefits of having a jack plate.

There are basically two types of jack plates: Manual and Hydraulic. We are going to only focus on a hydraulic jack plate for this article. For all those who are wondering what a jack plate exactly is, don’t worry I will explain it too.

What is a jack plate?

So a jack plate is a bracket that can be mounted on the outboard motor in the boat to lower the motor or rise it vertically. A jack plate is designed to lift the engine and to align propeller to the water line. This position of motor helps in increasing the speed and reducing the drag of the boat.

jack plate

Benefits of a jack plate:

  • It helps in getting into the shallow water and getting out of it as well. As the engine is lifted, it becomes easy for the boaters to navigate their boat in the shallow water.
  • It is useful for increasing the speed of the boat.
  • It helps in increasing the fuel efficiency making the consumption more economical. The jack plate keeps the motor and propeller away from the transom which prevents boat turbulence, hence helping in less fuel consumption.
  • It also enhances the handling and makes it easy for sailing through the water.

So after reading all this, I am sure that you want to know what are the options for good quality jack plates. I am going to list down all the hydraulic jack plates that are made up of premium quality and have gotten positive reviews from the customers. Read the list for best hydraulic jack plates below:

Best Hydraulic Jack Plate

1. T-H Marine Hydraulic Jack Plate

T-H Marine

The T-H marine Hydraulic Jack Plate is one of the best and top-rated choice for the hydraulic jack plate among the customers. The plate is made for the massive and powerful V6 engines on the market. It has a self-contained hydraulic pump station system, so there is no requirement of reservoir or lines to install. This new and powerful pump is capable of lifting the most massive outboard from bottom to top in less than 8 seconds. The plate comes with a 6” setback.

Key features

  • The jack plate features a unique feature concept in one-piece hydraulics that provides the best speed and self-contained lifting action.
  • It has a rod and slot lifting design and also a trouble-free lifting action.
  • The rods in the plate are made from the self-lubricating material.
  • The rods are made with high tech engineered polymer that gives six times more abrasion resistance than steel.


2. Seastar Solutions Hydraulic Jackplate

Seastar Solutions

Another excellent option with a lot of positive reviews and feedback from its customers is SeaStar Solutions Hydraulic Jackplate. It is one of the durable and sleekest engines jack plate that is available in the market today. The jack plates available are aesthetically matched to the SeaStar steering cylinders. The actuator moves from bottom to top in under 8.5 seconds. This new engine can run in shallow water along with higher speed and gains in fuel economy.

Key features

  • The plate has a high output integrated actuator to lift and lower engines in all loads and conditions.
  • It also has complete rigid engine support at full thrust. There is no engine rattle or shake.
  • There is an environmentally sealed non-contact Smartstick position sensor kit available for getting the information for accurate height.
  • The jack plates are rated 300hp for engines.


3. Bob’s Machine Shop Jack Plates

Bob's Machine

The new line of  Bob’s machine shop for new hydraulic jack plate called the “ Action Series Jack Plate” has the newest and most different technology in the jack plate market. There is a pump inside the jack plate structure that helps to save the boaters room inside the boat. The new internal pump is stronger than other pumps that are available. The plates are available in different setbacks such as 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14”. It is generally made upon ordering and usually takes two weeks for manufacturing.

Key features

  • The large motor in the plate is powerful to lift any heavy outboard under full power.
  • It is pre-drilled so that it can be mounted on dual side Power Pole brackets.
  • As the pump is inside the pump, there is no need to mount a pump inside the boat.
  • This new line also has the standard features like Bob’s patented features such as automotive style grease nipples in the side rails and tension rods.


4. CMC Manual Power-Lift

CMC Manual Power-LiftIf you are looking for an excellent hydraulic plate with a 5-inch vertical adjustment, this option can be the right choice for you. This plate from the CMC is made using stainless steel and aluminum alloy, ensuring its durability and longevity. One can easily adjust the power lift from top to bottom. The stainless steel fasteners offer great strength to this plate and also work exceptionally well in the long run. 

Key features:

  • This hydraulic jack plate comes with a 5.5 set back and is designed as per the standard B.I.A bolt pattern without making any modifications in the motor or boat.
  • It also features a centrally located adjustment screw to get the proper alignment.
  • The users can easily install this jack plate due to its one-piece design.
  • This jack plate comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.


5. Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate


The last option in this list is this Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate that is designed uniquely to meet the standards for high-performance outboards. The hydraulics are built into the jack itself, so there is no requirement of installing the pumps and reservoirs inside the transom. All the rods in the plate are made from the self-lubricating material. It can lift from top to bottom in 8 seconds.

Key features

  • The plate has high-tech engineered rods that are six times more abrasion resistant than steel ones.
  • The jack plate comes in standard black finish with the setback of 10”.
  • It installs in the halftime of the other comparable jack plates.
  • The jack plate comes with a complimentary white glove service for the customers.


6. TH Marine 4 Atlas Hydraulic Jack PlateTH Marine 4 Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate

Another model from T.H Marine that one can consider for getting a hydraulic jack plate for your boat can also consider this alternative. Like all other models, this one is also popular among the buyers for its topnotch performance. It has a self-contained hydraulic pump system that can help pump the fluid in less than eight seconds from bottom to top. It also has a rod and slot lifting design that enhances the performance of the plate. 

Key features:

  • This hydraulic jack plate model can be installed with ease compared to the other plates available in the market.
  • It comes with a two-pin pump removal, and the rods in the plate are made form the self-lubricating material.
  • As the plate rods are engineered using advanced polymers that are six times more resistant to abrasion than the regular stainless steel rods.
  • This model can be used for the boats in shallow waters to lift the engines while sailing.
  • There is no need for drilling or any other procedure required for mounting this jack plate onto your boat. 


7. T-H Marine 65302 High Speed Hydraulic Jack Plate

T-H Marine 65302

The last option on this list is T.H Marine, which is their advanced model that works well for all types of boats. It is a self-contained and water-proof hydraulic actuator with a maximum capacity of 7853 pounds, higher than other transom jacks available in the market. The overall design of the plates is made to lift the engines while sailing the boat. 

Key features:

  • One can get this hydraulic jack plate for both fresh and saltwater use.
  • The jack plates are easy to install and are rated ideal for the V-6 motors and other smaller outboard motors.
  • It also comes with 5-inch vertical travel with an adjustment of 1.5 inches on the motor bracket. 
  • As the hydraulic jack plate has a self-contained hydraulic pump, no lines or reservoirs are required for the installation. 


So these are the best options that are readily available in the market. You can select the hydraulic jack plates according to your references and the position of your engine. The setback of the jack is the key feature that you must consider before buying. The higher the setback of the plate the more elevated the engine will be. I hope this article helps to know everything about jack plates along with the options for the same.

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