Best hydrofoil for outboard motor – Buying guide for boat owners

Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest difference. That’s the best way to describe a hydrofoil. A hydrofoil works to increase the performance of the outboard, giving you a seamless boating experience. Once you get this simple installation, you will realize what you were missing out on! In fact, the hydrofoil is such a great device that you will never find a boater say anything against it. 

Let’s dig deeper into this wonderful world of hydrofoils and help you understand which one to buy.

Benefits of a hydrofoil

The hydrofoil works by reducing the drag and elevating the boat as its speed increases in water. The lift you get thanks to the hydrofoil is directly proportional to your speed. A hydrofoil for the outboard motor will remind you of a whale’s fin and it goes above the propeller.

Once you get the device installed, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better fuel consumption
  • Easier handling
  • Boosted performance
  • The motor will live much longer 

While a hydrofoil is indeed a great buy, you must ask yourself if you need it. It has been designed to solve a few specific problems and if you are not experiencing any of them, you do not need to invest in it. Here are the problems we are talking about:

  • The bow bounces
  • The boat has a hard time staying straight in the water
  • When the motor trims, your boat ventilates

Things to remember while buying a hydrofoil for the outboard motor

We shall quickly gloss through our buying guide before we jump into our best picks. Below are the factors you must consider in order to make sure that you have the best boat:

  1. Material: Plastic hydrofoils are very popular and recommended. But there are stainless steel and aluminum options as well. The latter ones are expensive though.
  2. Mounting: You can choose from clamp-on and drill mount hydrofoils. If you do not like tampering the boat, choose clamp-on. Otherwise, drill mount devices are more durable.
  3. Size: If your boat is larger than 22 feet, you should not buy a hydrofoil. It is not going to help. All experts are very clear on this – hydrofoils are for smaller boats.
  4. Compatibility: Yes! Much like in other cases, compatibility matters here. To ensure this, you must take the power of the boat into consideration.

Best hydrofoil for outboard motors

It’s time to explore the best devices on the market today. Let’s begin without any further ado:

1. SE Sport 200 HydrofoilSE Sport 200 Hydrofoil

The SE Sport 200 is ideal for those who have boats with small motors. It is streamlined to give you better control so that you navigate with ease. Here are a few features that we love:

  1. Fitment – 8 to 40 HP engines
  2. It comes with control tips. Along with its crescent shape, this particular feature helps produce a better thrust.
  3. You don’t have to worry about the downturned trailing edge with this hydrofoil. There’s absolutely no drag either.
  4. It maintains the stability of the boat and its top speed.
  5. It is a drill mount device.
  6. All the hardware required is included in the package. 
  • Good hydrofoil for small motors
  • Does not affect the top speed
  • Removes cavitation
  • Allows only drill mounting


2. SE Sport 300 HydrofoilSE Sport 300 Hydrofoil

This particular SE Sport model is ideal for almost all outboard motors available today. This is why it is one of the most sought after and purchased models. Let’s find out more:

  1. It is a drill mount device and comes with everything you need for the installation.
  2. It is ideal for engines with 40 to 300 HP motors. That covers pretty much all the available options today.
  3. It works to remove drag completely.
  4. It is very quick and offers excellent control.
  5. At lower speeds, it actually increases the thrust.
  6. Its crescent shape and control tips together significantly reduce the plane time. 
  • Compatible with many outboard motors
  • Excellent stability and control
  • Quick installation thanks to the template included
  • Doesn’t do a lot to improve the performance


3. Davis Doel-Fin Outboard StabilizerDavis Doel-Fin Outboard Stabilizer

This one is easily our favorite especially due to its durability. We barely see any other hydrofoil for outboard motors offering as much as the Davis Doel-Fin does. Don’t believe us? Read on for more details:

  1. It reduces the bow rise and increases fuel efficiency.
  2. It also increases safety and delivers better performance.
  3. It comes with all the hardware needed and does not take longer than 15 minutes for installation. The installation is drill mount.
  4. It has a very durable build because it has been made with hard plastic that can withstand impact considerably.
  5. It reduces the plane time by around 40%, which is quite exceptional.
  6. You can buy this hydrofoil for motors from 5 HP and stern drive motors.
  • Very fast planing
  • Boosts performance
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Stable when the speed is high
  • The hardware included for installation may not be the best


4. Attwood Outboard Motor HydrofoilAttwood Outboard Motor Hydrofoil

The Attwood hydrofoil is another excellent option for improved performance and stability. If you have an outboard that has less than 50 HP power, this one’s for you for the following reasons:

  1. It is made out of engineered molded resins.
  2. It works to reduce ventilation, cavitation, and bad handling.
  3. You will notice considerably less drag when the hull gets into action.
  4. It is the best choice if you want to use it to get wakeboarders and skiers up fast.
  5. The model comes in 2 pieces that you should bolt on your motor on either side.
  • Reduces drag even at a lower speed
  • Improves performance
  • Can pull skiers out of the hole quite quickly
  • The instructions for installation are not clear


5. Marine Dynamics Starfire-1Marine Dynamics Starfire-1

Flexible when it comes to fitment, the Marine Dynamics Starfire is for all outboards motors between the power 25 to 300 HP. What else does this hydrofoil offer? Keep reading to find out:

  1. It is ideal for boats below 20 feet. If you have anything bigger, you should consider other options.
  2. The installation process is easy because it only needs 2 screws to mount in place.
  3. The trailing edge is inverted concave shape. This shape reduces drag.
  4. The hydrofoil also has a patented curvature that contributes to increased performance. 
  5. It reduces the planing time very significantly (almost by half).
  6. If your main concern is porpoising, this is the one you should buy to eliminate it.
  • Removes the problem of porpoising
  • Increases the top speed
  • Provides stability to the boat
  • Some boats tend to stay left after installation


Depending on your preference, please pick any of the above – satisfaction is guaranteed!

How to install a hydrofoil

We will round this guide off with a brief description of the installation process. Please go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. If the engine has a torque tab, you should start the installation process by removing it. 
  2. The hydrofoil should settle in the cavitation of your engine. Place it there and slide it forward. 
  3. Use a marker to put 4 marks along the holes that are pre-drilled on the hydrofoil.
  4. Remove the hydrofoil and drill the holes.
  5. Use the rubber washers in the kit provided and press them in place.
  6. Put the hydrofoil on the plate.
  7. Place the nuts and bolts and tighten.
  8. You are done!

The installation is quite easy. You just need to follow these generic steps or the specific steps that come in the owner’s manual. We hope this guide has helped you understand the importance of hydrofoils and how to buy them. If you have any doubts, please feel free to comment and we will get back to you. Promise! 

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