Best Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke – Top Choices From Experts In 2022

Choosing the right propeller for your outboard-powered rig can be quite a challenge. To start off with, you need to understand the boat and its requirements. Then, you need to assess the outcome you are looking for. After this, going through the various varieties and comparing them will give you the answer you are looking for.

Now, this is where the difficulty arises. It’s all fun and games when you shop online until you realize that the is just too much to choose from. The options can get overwhelming and confusing. Don’t worry, though. We are here to help.

In this article, we shall cover the best propellers based on various criteria.

Best Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke – Editor’s Choice

After grueling research, personal experience, and reviews, our experts have decided that the following are the best choices available today. Please take a look.

1. VIF Jason Marine OEM Upgrade

The first propeller on our list is the VIF Jason Marine Propeller that comes with the necessary hub kits. It Is suitable for a variety of engines including the one in question in this article. Below are a few more details:

  • VIF Jason Marine OEM UpgradeIts diameter is 13 ¼ and it has right-hand rotation.
  • The propeller has 3 blades and is silver-colored.
  • The entire prop is made of stainless steel and provides outstanding durability.
  • It has undergone rigorous quality control to be better than OEM propellers.
  • With this product, you will experience full fuel efficiency, better speed, and excellent acceleration. 
  • The engine wear and tear is much slower with these propellers.
  • It is easy to install and fits the boat perfectly.
  • Quick installation
  • Good pitch – increases speed without compromising on the power
  • A few users have reported vibrations at idle speeds


2. Qiclear Marine Outboard Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke

The Qiclear Marine Propeller has been designed for mercury engines and comes with hub kits. It is an OEM propeller but exceeds expectations in terms of performance. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Qiclear Marine Outboard PropellerIt has a 17-inch pitch, which is plenty for great speed.
  • The diameter is 13 ¼ and its rotation is right-handed.
  • The propeller has 3 blades made of durable aluminum.
  • The speed and performance are quite good.
  • All propellers are highly durable and provide good speed and acceleration. They also resist wear and tear, providing excellent efficiency.
  • The hub is interchangeable and all the hardware required for installation are included. This means that you will be able to install the propeller without any problems.
  • Works as expected
  • Upgrade from OE props
  • Well priced
  • Some users were not happy with the overall construction of the propeller


3. Max Motosports Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke

Here’s another propeller designed for mercury outboard engines. It is known for providing outstanding acceleration among other things. A few highlights are as follows:

  • Max Motosports Propeller Its diameter is 13.25 inches while its pitch is 17 inches. That’s higher than many on our list.
  • The 3-blade propeller has 15 tooth spline.
  • It fits multiple outboards including the Mercury and Mariner 60, 75, 100, 115, and 125 HP outboards.
  • The prop is not just easy to install but also very easy to maintain and repair. 
  • It can withstand high HP and helps improve acceleration smoothly. It also improves speed.
  • Fits and works perfectly on the Mercury 114 4 Stroke
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware and takes around 15 minutes to install
  • Some of the hardware may not be compatible with some boats


4. Boat Motor Aluminum Propeller – 13 ½ x 15

With a 15-K pitch and a 13 ½ diameter, this V/N Boat Motor Aluminum Propeller is another good choice for Mercury 114 4 Stroke. Its main features are as follows:

  • Boat Motor Aluminum Propeller - 13 ½ x 15This is a direct OEM replacement with a diameter of 13.5 inches and a pitch of 15-K. 
  • It rotates to the right with its 3 blades, which are made of aluminum.
  • The quality is one of the best on the market thanks to its careful construction and rigorous quality control procedures.
  • The benefits it lends to the boat are better ACC eleration, top speed, and fuel efficiency. It also does well to resist wear and tear.
  • The propeller is easy to install and will not take more than half an hour.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Works as advertised
  • Nothing


5. Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine Outboard Propeller

Experts say that propellers made of aluminum are of very high quality and exceed performance expectations. That is why, here’s yet another propeller made of aluminum for you. Its specifications are below:

  • Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine Outboard PropellerThis is an OEM propeller designed to fit various outboard engines with 60 to 125 horsepower.
  • Its pitch is 15 inches and its diameter is 13 ¾ inches.
  • The propeller has 3 blades made of outstanding quality.
  • It works well in different conditions, delivering better performance and acceleration than OEM.
  • It also improves fuel efficiency and protects the engine from wear and tear.
  • Easy to install
  • Improves overall performance of the boat
  • Not as durable as the others


People Also Ask

1.) Will A 4-Blade Propeller Make My Boat Faster?

When it comes to speed, a 3-blade propeller is a better option. 4-blade propellers usually focus on smooth cruising and better thrust.

2.) What Pitch Of Prop Should I Use?

Low pitch is ideal but it is also expensive. The right pitch will depend on the boat you have.

3.) How Much Horsepower Does A 115 Mercury Have?

115 HP.

4.) What Does Increasing Prop Pitch Do?

It will increase the speed of the boat.


We think it’s safe to assume that you have found the perfect propeller for your Mercury 115 4 stroke. If you are still confused, we advise that you compare our recommendations and pick the propeller that suits your needs the best. Good luck!

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