Best 2.5 hp outboard motor – small outboard motors reviews by expert

Boat owners are often on a spree to find out the ideal engines that could help them maneuver their boats without burning a hole in their pocket. Investing in a good outboard motor is vital because it helps in powering the boat and reduces your efforts in pedaling the boat. One such range of motors that became popular among boat owners due to its size and specification is 2.5 HP motor engines that are designed to power your boat in the most efficient manner. However, such motors can only be used in small to medium-sized boats.

These engines use less horsepower, fuel-efficient, and are also environment friendly. Opting for such outboard motors helps you enjoy your boating without worrying about anything. As an outboard motor is a complete unit, one can easily install it outside the transom and operate the motor by using a propeller and gearbox. So to help you find an ideal match for your boat in an affordable range, here is a list of top-rated 2.5 HP outboard motors that work exceptionally well for small boats.

1. Coleman Powersports Outboard Motor

Coleman Powersports Outboard Motor

The number one choice among boat owners for getting a durable and reliable outboard motor is this one by Coleman Powersports. This particular model is a 2.6HP four-stroke OHV motors that operated quietly. It has a large gas tank of 31-gallon capacity and also features water cooling that makes it ideal for the small boats. The outboard motor is constructed using marine aluminum alloy to provide resistance against corrosion. It also has a twist grip throttle and adjusting steering function, which is relatively easy to learn and operate.

  • It is lightweight and equipped with TCI ignition to start the engine quickly.
  • The motor also gestures a fan shifting with 360 degrees steering make it easy for the users to operate.
  • This outboard engine meets all the EPA and CE standards.
  • It can be used for inflatable boats small or can also be used as an auxiliary trolling motor for the boats.
  • The engine is designed to reduce vibrations and allow the sailors to drive in shallow water as well.
  • Many buyers have complained that the motor has stopped working in the middle of its operation, which can be troublesome.

2. SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Outboard Motor 2.5 HP

SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Outboard Motor 2.5 HP

One of the popular choices for getting a high-performance 2.5 HP boat motor is this one by the brand of Sea Dog Water Sports. The motor is designed to deliver a professional standard performance. It is lightweight, durable, and also has anti-corrosive properties that protect the motor against corrosion. Its engine has a single-cylinder, and as it is a two-stroke outboard motor, it uses a combination of twos-troke oil and gasoline. The outboard motor is reliable and ensures the safety of users.

  • This outboard motor is suitable for all types of boats, including fishing boats, inflatable boats, sailboats, small yachts, etc.
  • It has a compact structure that doesn’t acquire much space in boats, making it perfect for small boats as well.
  • The boat’s operation doesn’t create much noise and features an engine air cooling system to avoid overheating the motor.
  • This outboard motor is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater boats.
  • Some buyers have complained about the noisy operation of this motor.
  • There are certain reviews that state that the wirings are loose in the engine.


3.NICECHOOSE Outboard Motor, 2 Stroke 2.5HP

NICECHOOSE Outboard Motor, 2 Stroke 2.5HP

If you are looking for a brand that offers a range of outboard motors with more horsepower, then you can definitely opt for this alternative. This particular model is a two-stroke 2.5 HP outboard motor, but you can also find different variants. This 2.5 outboard motor has a lightweight construction and has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 100kg. The boat’s speed might be affected when there are more people on the boat, so consider that factor while choosing this option. It is energy efficient and also produces little sound while operating.

  • This 2.5 outboard motor is suitable for all types of small boats, such as rubber boats, fishing boats, inflatable boats, and more.
  • The motor offers a large tank capacity for fuel that can be beneficial for people who like to sail their boats for a longer time.
  • It is recommended to have a motor board stand on your boat for installing this outboard motor.
  • The motor also features a built-in water cooling system that adds to its performance and longevity.
  • The manufacturers have offered a 100% refund guarantee to safeguard the interests of customers.
  • Few buyers are not happy with the overall quality of this outboard motor.


4. HYYKJ Outboard Motor Boat Engine

HYYKJ Outboard Motor Boat Engine

Although this outboard motor engine uses 3.5HP, it is perfect for small boats and serves the purpose of using an efficient motor. It is easy to operate, made with a corrosion-resistant body, and environment friendly, making it a top rated small outboard motor available in the market. It also comes with a pull-off engine cover that has a push-button latch to access the motor quickly. Unleaded gasoline fuel is recommended for its proper operation. The manufacturers have provided all the other details such as weight, fuel recommendations, fuel to oil ratios, and additional information to make an informed decision.

  • This outboard motorboat engine comes with a 360-degree steering rotation for reverse without changing the gears.
  • Ideal for fishing boats, sailboats, small yachts, and inflatable boats.
  • It also features water-cooling technology making it more reliable and convenient to use.
  • The engine has a large tank capacity, compact design, and more fuel efficiency as compared to other heavy-duty engines.
  • It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.
  • The outboard engine features start-in-gear protection that aids in stopping the prob rotation without idling.
  • We didn’t come across any cons for this alternative.


5. Sky 2-Stroke 2.5HP Superior Engine Outboard

Sky 2-Stroke 2.5HP Superior Engine Outboard

The last option on this list is from the brand of Sky that more or less has the same features that of the alternatives stated above. It is priced in an economical range and works on a two-stroke mechanism making it more energy-efficient. The manufacturers have provided fuel ratio recommendations, which is 25:1 for gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil for a smooth operation. The buyers have liked the ease of use for this engine, and it also delivers excellent performance.

  • This 2.5 HP outboard motor is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.
  • It can be installed in small boats, yachts, fishing boats, inflatable boats, and more.
  • The engine is portable, lightweight, and compact, making it a perfect fit for the small boats.
  • This outboard engine is fuel-efficient and features an engine air cooling system like other alternatives on this list.
  • The overall construction of the engine is quite sturdy, reliable, and anti-corrosive.
  • The engine creates a loud noise while operating, which can be undesirable for many boat owners.
  • It happens to corrode a little in saltwater, however, one can use anti-corrosion sprays to offer protection against the same.


Concluding Remarks

All the outboard motor engines listed above have worked efficiently for the buyers who have installed these motors on their boats. Most of these options are under $300, which is good as it can be considered as a long-time investment for your boat. Many of these engines are suitable for multiple types of boats, which expands its area of use. When it comes to selecting the ideal outboard motor for your boat, I would suggest going with a two-stroke engine as it is more fuel-efficient than the four-stroke. And if there is one alternative that I had to recommend, it would be the Sea Dog Water Sports engine as it is packed with all the needed features needed for driving the boats without any hassle.

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