Best Ethanol Resistant Fuel Hose – Top 5 Reviewed Fuel Hose of 2022

In recent times, the use of Ethanol with the gasoline mixture has become popular mainly because it fulfills the purpose while lowering the cost of fuels.

Ethanol is still in less quantity, but its mixture affects the boat’s engine performance; on the positive side, it is affordable, but in exchange, it reduces the average kilometer you are getting with pure petroleum fuel.

That said, it does not get you any profit, and since Ethanol and gasoline work well together, the government plans to increase the use of Ethanol-Petroleum based fuel up to 20% by 2025.

Since ethanol will be there in noticeable quantity, it is advisable if you don’t have an ethanol-resistant fuel hose, it’s time to get one.

You don’t have to bother yourself looking here and there for the best hose. I have already shortlisted the best ethanol resistant fuel hose.

Best Ethanol Resistant Fuel Hose

1. ACDelco Professional 25 ft Hose

ACDelco is an American automotive part manufacturer, and the company is owned by none other than General Motors, a name enough to make you trust this brand. Furthermore, the product has achieved the nearest five-star rating on e-commerce platforms.

ACDelco Professional Hose


  • The tube is durable and will last long as it is reinforced with Nitrile material.
  • Ethanol produces gel-like substances that will disrupt the flow of fuel. Therefore, this pipe has NBR-PVC oil-resistant cove.
  • It works best with fuels with MTBE concentrations less than 15%.
  • The vacuum pressure of 24 in/Hg for sizes less than 1.2-inch I.D. and 10 in/Hg for sizes 1/2 to 3/4 in I.D. at ambient temperatures.


2. Continental Fuel Hose

Continental is a German multinational pats manufacturing company for the automobile sector. It is a quality hose that is long and sturdy. Also, considering the pricing, finding a hose like this is a bit hard.

Continental Fuel Hose


  • It is a 25-feet long fuel hose that you can use for various applications like a fuel line, PCV connection, and fuel return line.
  • You can use it with unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel; best of all, it works with the gasoline blends of ethanol (E-10, E-85).
  • About its technicals, the hose can handle working pressure of 50 psi and burst pressure of 250 psi. Also, the temperature range is -40°C to 125°C.
  • It maintains the flow of fuel well and features a high-heat resistance, ensuring durability and utmost performance.


3. EVIL ENERGY 5/16 Fuel Hose

Evil Energy products are famous in the online space, and their fuel hose pipe for ethanol-based fuel is affordable when compared to the Continental. The hose is thick, durable, and reliable for long-term use.

EVIL ENERGY 516 Fuel Hose


  • It comes in various sizes of ID and OD, allowing you to pick the proper fuel hose that meets your requirements.
  • The outer layer is of NBR material, and the inside is fiber. It is a durable hose with promising long-lasting capabilities.
  • It can handle the working pressure of 300 psi which is six times higher than the second one you see on this list.
  • It will work perfectly with diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, oil, grease, water, air, etc.
  • The hose pipe is a little more flexible than its competition and easy to install.


4. Sierra International Low Permeation Fuel Feed Hose

The fuel hose from Sierra might seem a little expensive, but if it’s the lowest permeation you’re after, there is no better hose than this one.

Sierra International Low Permeation Fuel Feed Hose


  • It features a plastic barrier veneer with an NBR outer layer to counter permeation.
  • Sierra only has four different sizes, and if your engine is suitable, I recommend taking it.
  • It complies with the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines. It is weather and UV-resistant and creates minimal permeation.
  • It is an excellent hose pipe to transfer fuel with up to 85% ethanol mixes, diesel, and all biodiesel blends.


5. Gates Barricade Fuel Injection Hose

From the look, it looks like a regular fuel hose; however, what I can tell after looking at the patented technology they have used is that it is an ideal option for people looking for a fuel hose with a diameter of 5/16”.

Gates Barricade Fuel Injection Hose


  • It serves as a fuel injection hose barricade against the potent fuel blends in modern fuels like ethanol, methanol, and biodiesel.
  • Leaded and unleaded gasoline, ethanol, diesel, biodiesel, and ethanol are all acceptable fuels for using it.
  • It is a low permeation hose with oil, heat, ozone, and abrasion-resistant cover.
  • It has a pressure rating of 225 psi, and as for the temperature control, the highest it can handle is 135°C.



There are different sizes of hose available for various needs; if you ask me if it will work with the boat engines, the short answer is yes, it will. The two best choices you can have is ACDelco, the most affordable one, or you can bet your money on Sierra to have a more reliable hose for long-lasting use.

It might sound contradictory, but all five of them are best, speaking from the subject perspective, i.e., Ethanol. I hope this article helps. The comment box is free for all if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size of ethanol-resistant fuel hose I need?

You can check the engine specification booklet or ask an experienced person who knows what hose fits perfectly.

Does ethanol damage fuel lines?

It depends on the quantity of ethanol. You should check the fuel lines more often than usual if the fuel mixture has 80% ethanol. If the amount is less, the scenario remains the same—the maintenance duration changes.

What impacts does ethanol make on the engine?

Ethanol reduces engine efficiency. Simply put, the kilometer or miles you get with the petroleum is high, but the kilometers decline as soon as you add an ethanol-based fuel. A 10% ethanol (E10) reduces the mileage by 4 to 5 percent.

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