Best Titanic Model Kit – Minicraft Models for Titanic Building

The Titanic is undoubtedly the most iconic ship in history. We all know about its sad story from the epic movie. But if you’re someone who wants to or is interested in building the mini craft model of the titanic using kits, then this is the article for you. Also, you can gift this titanic mini craft model kit to your friends, relatives, and mark a special impact.

Best Titanic Model Kit

There are several titanic model building kits available in the market. This article will guide you as to which mini craft model, amongst others, is the best one to buy and all of the features mentioned. A list of 5 of the best titanic model kits has been given down below. Read ahead to find out more about them.

1. CubicFun Store Titanic Model Kit

CubicFun Store Titanic Kit

Rating: 4.6/5 stars

CubicFun Toys Industrial is a reading innovator of 3D puzzles. They originated from China but now have a global presence in over 80 countries. They design and produce a wide range of products, including themes of the world’s famous architectures, puzzles for children, and a lot more. The features of this model kit from the CubicFun Store are mentioned down below. 

  • It comes with amazing light effects for the night with 85 LED bulbs. 
  • The bulbs are designed in such a way that they are located under the deck and in the portholes.
  • It has a hidden battery holder design with easily replaceable batteries.
  • All of the pieces fit precisely and are easy to assemble and do not require glue or any other tools.
  • The pre-cut foam boards, instructions, and LED accessories come with this watercraft model kit. 
  • It gives a 100% quality guarantee and takes about 4 hours to assemble the whole model. 
  • It has a bigger size, 34.6 x 11.6 x 3.8 inches, and an extremely detailed design.


2. ACADEMY Titanic Model Kit

ACADEMY Titanic Kit

Rating: 4.2/5 stars

Academy was established in 1969, and it has been producing plastic model kits for 41 years now. It is known for its technology for manufacturing toys of all varieties, including plastic model kits and educational kits. They use the technology of mold production and injection. The features of this model kit by Academy are mentioned below.

  • It is molded in multiple colors, and so there is no need for painting except if you wish to.
  • The deck details in this kit, such as capstans, bollards, and ventilators, are authentically reproduced. 
  • Its four dramatic smokestacks feature the molded-in orange color, which resembles that of the original. 
  • It is easy to assemble and includes authentic decals and a display stand and requires no glue for assembling. 


3. Revell Titanic KitRevell Titanic Kit

Rating: 3.9/5 stars

Revell offers high-quality kits, which are characterized by faithful representations highlighting many important details and high-quality workmanship. It offers the right models for all types of model makers- beginners or pros, small kids, or adults. This model kit from Revell has the following features.

  • This kit features detailed hull and deck structures, life-boats with davits, and cargo hoists.
  • It comes with detailed decks that have a wood plank structure.
  • This RMS titanic plastic model kit also includes a display stand and waterslide decals.
  • It does require glue and paints for its assembling.
  • It is a big size model with dimensions of 15.12 x 1.5 x 3.1 inches.
  • This model is incredibly detailed, easy to assemble, accurately represents the original titanic, and can be a good gifting idea.


4. SuSenGo Titanic Model Kit

SuSenGo Titanic Kit

Rating: 4.1/5 stars

SuSenGo markets and manufactures a lot of products ranging from slimes to model kits. Their product has great customer ratings, and this titanic building model kit too has some fantastic reviews and ratings. Read ahead to know about the features of this kit.

  • This is a huge set containing a total of 1021 pieces of blocks.
  • It contains very detailed color instructions.
  • It also comes with a base that can be used to display the model after completing its assembly.
  • It is compatible with most building bricks brands, and it also has a lighting set.


5. WISESTAR Titanic KitWISESTAR Titanic Kit

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Wisestar is a great brand and also very popular. It produces and manufactures a wide variety of products arranging from 3D puzzles, kites, fridge magnets, and jigsaw puzzles. This model kit from titanic has many features which are mentioned down below.

  • It is made using high-quality paper and EPS foam board. 
  • Each part of it fits appropriately, and the whole structure is designed in a way to maintain its balance.
  • This model kit focuses on every tiny detail and has accurate measurements and correct calculations.
  • It has a total of 116 sturdy pieces and is very easy to resemble without any need for scissors and glue.
  • It is a bit challenging, which is good for the development of your brain. It helps in developing logical thinking, strategic planning, and visual observation skills.


Which one is the best of all?

Choosing 1 out of 5 is difficult but has to be done. From the above mentioned 5 products, the best one is the CubicFun Store’s RMS Titanic Ship Model Kit as it is a huge model size, and it is great for an interesting family game. It is also an excellent gifting option for any occasion. It has a very cool decoration and can be put as a show-case at your home and even for your office. This kit also has a very unique lighting effect that looks stunning in the night. 

So next time when someones say, Titanic got sunk years ago, you stand first and show your miniature model. It is surely appealing for your eyes, you can put the miniature model as a showpiece. Building this miniature model of Titanic can be a really good family-bonding exercise. What are waiting for? Have your minicraft model kit now.

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