How To Charge Trolling Motor Batteries While On The Lake – Simple Steps

It’s fishing season. Surely, your trolling motor has to be pumped up and charged to deliver optimal performance. Ensuring that the batteries are fully charged will help you begin your season with a bang. But sometimes that may not be possible – you may forget or end up having to charge while on the lake.

Is that even possible? Well, yes! We live in wonderfully advanced times where technology has the answers for pretty much everything. In this article, we will explain the solution in simple steps.

Is It Safe To Charge Trolling Motor Batteries While On The Lake?

Safety always comes first, which is why we want to clear this doubt right off the bat. 

If you employ the right methods and follow the steps carefully, you will be able to charge the batteries with no problems. It is completely safe and will not cause any damage. 

How To Charge Trolling Motor Batteries While On The Lake – Detailed Steps

There are two ways that you can do this and we shall talk about each of them. 

Using The Outboard Motor

If you want to charge the trolling motor while the boat is moving, you will need to rely on the outboard motor. The principle is similar to that of the car engine. The only catch here is that the outboard motor must be upgraded. It needs a rectifier or a regulator to serve this purpose. 

  • Start by connecting the outboard motor to the rectifier with the help of the green AC wires.
  • Now, you should connect the trolling motor battery using the black and red wires.
  • Use crimp connectors to secure the connections.

Using Solar Energy

If you are on the lake but sitting idle, you can use solar energy to charge your trolling motor batteries. To do this, you will need a solar panel and mounting gear. The solar panels must be 20W 12V.

  • Install the solar panel using the installation gear. Choose a suitable location on the boat.
  • With the help of the connectors and the wires, connect the batteries to this panel.
  • Make sure the solar panel is at a 90-degree angle, facing the sun. This is the most optimal position. 

BONUS: Avoid Overcharging Or Undercharging Your Trolling Motor Batteries

No matter which method you apply, there are always chances of charging the batteries too little or too much. 

  • Overcharging can cause overheating and subsequent damage
  • Undercharging can damage the battery over time

To avoid these scenarios, we advise that you buy a smart charger. It will help you track the progress and alert you when the battery is fully charged. This will prolong the battery’s life and efficiency.


Investing in a good solar panel or a rectifier will be of immense help. You can choose either based on the size of your boat and your requirements. Installation of both is simple and will not require any additional help. Don’t forget to let us know which of these methods you prefer! 

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