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The boat owners often look out for premium and durable trolling motors that they can mount on their boats. A trolling motor helps in maneuvering the boat with ease and is a good investment for people who lie fishing, boating, etc. For getting good use out of the trolling motor ensure that you are investing in a good quality option. Once you have gotten a trolling motor, follow this step-by-step procedure of mounting it on your aluminum boat. 

How to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat

trolling motor brackets aluminum boats

Step 1: The first and foremost thing that you should consider for mounting the motor is that you should know where you can mount the motor on the boat. You can install a trolling motor on the transom, the bow, and the engine. I would suggest you to mount the motor on the transom as it is easy to install as well as to remove the motor.

Also, if you own small aluminum boats, you might even find a plywood piece preinstalled on your boat that can be used for mounting the motor. You can also mount the motor and screw the clamps tightly until it firmly has a grip on the transom of the boat.

Step 2: As most transom-mounting trolling motors come with a built-in mounting bracket, these motors work better for ensuring that the motor is held in place. For installing it, you have to unfasten these clamps first.

Step 3: Now that you are all set with the trolling matter, find the perfect location to mount it. Place it near the transom, but be careful while putting it over the transom as you shouldn’t make any interference with the boat while installing.

Step 4: So, as you have found the place and located the right spot for mounting, tighten up the clamps that you had opened before installing the trolling motor onto the boat. Make sure you turn the clamps to the right to tighten it and check if it is fastened properly. As these clamps help in holding the motor in place, don’t avoid any loose clamps.

Optional: Some people also opt for mounting the motor on the center of their boat for better balance. You can also opt for mounting the trolling motors in the center of your boat if it is small in size. 

For the owners having large aluminum boats

So for the people who own large aluminum boats, make sure that you are investing in a heavy-duty trolling motor, as a cheap motor would not serve your purpose and will be of no use to you. Choose the ideal size motor as per the size of your boat. There are also many quick-release mounting plates available for the motor that you can use for installing it, but I would suggest you avoid it unless and until you are into watersports other than fishing. 

Like small boats, find the spot that is close enough to the center of your boat for mounting the trolling motor and make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the anchor or windshield. Make sure that there is space of attaching the mounting bolts on the underside of the deck. When you are done finalizing the location, drill the holes that match the mounting bracket. Insert bolts and ensure that you have tightened them. Now cover these bolts with motor bracket covers and it is done. 

Closing Thoughts

A trolling motor is a vital accessory that one would like to get for their boat. It can be used in freshwater as well as saltwater. Make sure that you go through all the details and specifications of the trolling motor before you buy it. Mounting a motor on a transom is a much more convenient way to install it rather than mounting it on other places. Also, I would suggest you go through the manual properly to understand the directions and know how to operate it once you have mounted it on your boat. There are several videos also available online that can help you to know the process of installing the motor on your boat. I hope this article helps you to complete the installation procedure with ease and you have a good time sailing your boat!

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