SOLAS Prop Review – Know More About the Best Propeller Brand

SOLAS propellers are a go-to for many boat owners because of their durability and quality. They are available in aluminum and stainless steel, and both of them are equally popular among users. There are over a 1000 different propellers sold by SOLAS, distinguished by their shape and size. We are going to review one of the more popular ones today – SOLAS 2411-133-17 Amita Propeller.

SOLAS Prop Review

SOLAS Prop Review This particular propeller from SOLAS is a 3-blade variant with right-handed rotation. It has received multiple excellent reviews and we are positive you will like it too. Here are a few features that will give you a deeper insight:

  • This propeller is made of aluminum.
  • It is particularly known for its outstanding speed and acceleration.
  • Its blades are very strong and exceed expectations in terms of performance.
  • They are made through the squeeze-cast process. They are also painted with 4 layers for added protection and durability.
  • The blades are very thin and provide efficiency, toughness, and smooth operation.
  • The diameter of these propellers is 13.25 inches with a 17-inch pitch.
  • It fits boats perfectly and operates like a pro
  • Easily affordable
  • The finish is great and it looks amazing upon installation
  • The blades are thinner than OEM propellers, which a few users do not appreciate


SOLAS Prop Review – The Final Word

After going through all the features, we are sure you agree that SOLAS propellers are a great choice for your boat. We haven’t had any problems with them so far and are positive that you won’t either. They are affordable and durable at the same time, making them a great choice. However, if you want your propellers to be exactly like OEM, you will have to look another way.

People also ask

Let’s answer a few commonly asked questions now.

1) Are SOLAS Props any good?

Yes, they are very good especially in terms of durability and performance.

2) Where are SOLAS Props made?

SOLAS Props are made in Taiwan.

3) Is 3 or 4 blade propeller better?

3-blade propellers offer more speed. 4-blade propellers are suitable for better thrust.

4) Is a 2 or 3 blade propeller better?

3-blade propellers are better because they are faster, quieter, and smoother than 2-blade propellers.


According to us, the SOLAS Prop is a very good addition to your boat. It provides great speed and operates smoothly. You will find it to be a perfect replacement for your OEM blades. If you have any questions regarding these propellers, please feel free to talk to us.

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